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Entrematic EM PSW250 Swing Door Operator
The Entrematic EM PSW250 Swing Door Operator is an electro-mechanical swing door operator suitable for internal and external doors in a wide variety of applications such as retail, hotel, office, airports, stations, hospitals, Schools, industrial and commercial applications. The operator is fully approved for all possible installation environments such as escape routes or fire doors (EN16005, DIBt). With its slim design of only 70 mm height it can be installed universally in push, pull, sliding-push usage as well as synchronized for double doors with mechanical coordination unit available.
Product reference: Entrematic EM PSW250 Swing Door Operator
Product properties
 Door type: Single or double door
 Finish: Clear anodized / powder coated
 Power: low energy or full power operation options (according to EN160005)
 Operator size: 70 mm height x 175 mm depth x 840 mm width
 Safety features: Emergency opening, in the event of power failure or fire alarm the door can be used manually (like a door closer). Optional finger safety guards and safety sensor to prevent contact with moving door leaves. Standard
 One operator for push, pull or sliding push installation.
 Automated swing-in or swing-out operator. Face mounted.
 Open and closes with power, spring for closing (or opening, inverse function) in case of power failure.
 Safety monitoring with automatic stop on stall and/or reverse on obstruction options
 Built in program selector 3-way switch located on side of operator; 4-way key switch with exit mode optional Operation
 Electromechanical operation
 Learn function
 Active range Push: EN4-7, PULL: EN4-6
 Wind load regulation, Max force PUSH: opening= 135 Nm, closing= 108 Nm, PULL: opening= 70 Nm, closing= 70 Nm
 Push & Go and Push to Go functions
 Servo assist
 Closing torque cancellation
 In the event of power failure, door is closed in a controlled way by the spring and functions as a door closer.
 Hold open time 1,5-30 sec. (adjustable).
 Max. drive power consumption 300 W.
 Max. opening angle 110 deg.
 Max. opening speed 0-80 degrees: 2,5-12 seconds
 Max. closing speed 0-80 degrees: 4-12 seconds
 Door panel weight: Up to 450 kg (PUSH arm, door width 0,8 m).
 Power requirements: 100-240 V AC +10/-15%, mains fuse 10 A (building installation). Note! The main power supply shall be installed with protection and all-pole main switch with isolating capability of Category III, at least 3 mm between contacts, shall be installed according to local regulations. These articles are not provided by the doors.
 Dry contact for transmission of data to building’s central control system.
 Connection possibilities for electric locks/locking mechanism.
 Possibility to remote control.
 Contactless detection sensor.
 Double door synchronization with cable and mechanical coordinator (for fire doors), full length cover optional.

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