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Troubleshooting for remote control through Intranet/ Internet

Turn lights On/Off

Control awnings

Control blinds

Tempertature control

Air conditioner controls

View the security cameras


We introduce you the product that will ake your house smart!

With this solution, you will have your automatic controls in controlof any electric or electronic device in your home or office.

You can manage your operation comfortably from a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.

It’s a product designed to think about the demands of your daily life.

In the wide use for computer networks and internet,

To allow remote over long distances.

It allows to drive all types of motors (shutters, stops, ceiling, running, awnings, parking pillars, etc. …)

Interior/Exterior lighting, climate control

Electrofixes, irrigation systems, washing machines

Water pumps and much, much more!

Made up to a maximum of 5 wires for up to 100 wires through radio (by cloning existing RF commands)

It has an alert system that allows, for example, check if a door hasn’t been proerly closed, if the blinds didn’t close, if the alarm sounded, if the water leve has exceeded the limit, among many other possiblities – maximum 4 alert contacts.

This kit comes with 4 wireless video surveillance cameras, which gives it full and immediat freedom in order to visually control the spaces and operation of your automatisms.

The limit of integration of EASY DOMUS is your imagination!

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