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230V single-phase electronic unit for one-leaf, sliding gate and sectioned doors

With built-in receiver

215 different code and / or Rolling Code commands can be stored in memory.

■ Other functions:

Initial engine acceleration

Electronic torque limiter

You can choose firefly or courtesy light

Deceleration at the end

■ Technical Specifications:

Power supply: AC230V 50-60Hz 1100W max.

Flashing output: AC230V 500W max.

Motor output: AC230V 500W max.

Output power Auxiliary: AC24V 3W max.

Safety devices and controls: DC24V

Radio receiver: 433.92 Mhz

Compatible commands: 12-18bit or Rolling Code

Memory: 215 TX codes (COD + COD PED)

Measurements: 110x121x47mm

Operating temperature: -10ºC ~ 55ºC

Container: ABS V-0

Degree of protection: IP54

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